Children’s Program

Kids Karate - Dong’s Martial Arts - Morehead City

Our children's program is a point of great pride for us.   We teach self-discipline, respect for others - especially parents - and encourage academic achievement.  They will receive many benefits from our martial arts program and met a lot of friends along the way.  We also have special daytime classes for homeschoolers.  Begin with a no-obligation trial beginner program.

Does your child have difficulty focusing in school?
Do you wish they would listen more at home?
Your child will learn how to focus on tasks, listen to and follow instructions, all while showing respect.  They will learn appropriate times for chatting and playing and how to direct that extra enegry in a positive way.  The values they learn in martial arts compliment what you teach at home.

Is your child being bullied?
Would you like them to learn conflict resolution?
We take bullying serious and our instructors have decades of experiencein teaching children how to deal with bullies and how to prevent them from becoming one.  Many think the martial arts only teaches the physical self-defense.  In fact, we have a unique, 3-step process to conflict resolution as part of our mental self-defense instruction.  Start with our 30-Day Trial Beginner Program which includes one-on-one lessons and your child will be one their way to gaining the confidence to deal with many situations they may encounter.

Does your child have a negative attitude?
Do they need to learn how to set goals and achieve?
Would they benefit from a more positive outlook?
Your child will learn how set short and long term goals in both martial arts and their personal lives.  We will then guide them to achieving those and setting new ones.  As your child achieves both inside and outside of our school, you will see a more positive attitude develop.

Does your child need more social interaction?
Looking for an activitiy that reinforces strong values and encourages a family atmosphere?
Your child will meet other children their age in a fun, safe, family-friendly atmosphere.  Our instructors and students are very welcoming to new students and are anxious to get to know you and your child.  The classes allow for individual, partner and group activities during training that will allow your child to meet many different people.  The classes also encourage respect and selflessness amoung the students.  Our school also hosts special events inside and outside of the dojang to encourage socialization and unity.

Does your child struggle with coordination?
Do they feel left out of team or organized sports?
Martial Arts will help children understand their body movements in a 3-dimentional space.  The classes teach agility, balance, and coordination all while improving speed and strength.  Many of our students have once thought they were “not good enough” for school sports.  They have since learned not only can they participate, they can excel at many actvities with their newfound skills.
Master Henry holds several personal training certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine including Youth Exercise Specialist and Optimum Performance Trainer for Youth.  

Does your child watch too much TV or play games?
Could they benefit from more exercise?
One of the best extracurricular activities you can choose is our karate program.  We will get your child off the couch, away from the TV, and teach them to be active.  Our flexible schedule of more than 30 day and evening classes make it easy to train with each week.  
At Grandmaster Dong’s Martial Arts, we have a class that is just right for your child.   For decades, we’ve been teaching martial arts classes to kids as young as 4 years old.  We hear from parents all the time  that the results they see in their kids are outstanding. We are sure you will too.  Get started today by enrolling in our 30-Day Trial Beginner Program.

Would you like to see your child improve performance?
Looking for a great training program to compliment your child’s organized sport activity?
Studies have shown that cross training in the martial arts can improve performance in a variety of sports.  Many professional athletes take martial arts in addition to their career sport.  The multi-directional movements along with the development of speed and power makes our program a great option to compliment your child’s   other activities.

TaeGrr Cubs  (AGES 4-6)

This thirty-minute class is filled with fun martial arts drills and games that teach younger children coordination, balance, respect and cooperation.  Students' attention spans and body coordination will be developed through their increased ability to concentrate.    Y
our child will get the age- and skill-appropriate attention you expect.TaeGrr Cubs are prepared to enter our regular program with confidence and a special head start.  There won't be any child left on the sidelines.


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