There are many benefits that you or your family can gain through martial arts. Physically, one can improve their level of cardiovascular fitness, strength, coordination, agility, speed and more.  Mentally the martial arts teaches respect, discipline, humility, confidence, and self control, just to name a few.  However, we often get questions from visitors about how we actually help students overcome their concerns or challenges.  Below are some common questions and how we can deliver the results you desire:

How does Grandmaster Dong’s System develop a child’s Confidence?
Mental focus: 
The instructors teach children to set goals and guide them through a plan on how to achieve them.  We use a color belt system of 9 belts followed by 9 degrees of black belt.  This belt system gives students both short and long-term goals.  As students learn exciting techniques and earn new rank, they will have an increased sense of accomplishment and confidence. With an increase in skills, they will have an even greater sense of the ability to protect themselves.  The instructors will teach your child to face their fears while in a safe, family-friendly atmosphere.   Our goal is for students to be kind and polite, but portray a sense of confidence and strength in their posture.

Why is Grandmaster Dong’s System good for shy kids?
Mental focus: 
Our instructors have been working with children for decades and know how to help a shy child out of their shell.  Through personal interaction with our certified instructors, you child will learn to look people in the eye and speak clearly.  Children are often paired with peers during class teaching them to work with a partner towards a common goal.  The more classes they attend, the more students they get to know and the better the techniques become.  We teach them basics that allow them small accomplishments and thus building motivation for more.  As they learn these techniques and become more comfortable in the environment, they naturally become more outgoing. 

How can Grandmaster Dong’s System help children to become more courageous?
Mental focus: 
Our system helps children to achieve the goals they set.  For young kids, that may be just stepping on the floor for the first time or achieving their first belt.  As they experience these emotional or physical victories, their confidence will increase giving them more courage to face other fears.  “Courage is not being fearless, but rather overcoming the fear.”  

How does Grandmaster's System help develop focus, concentration & self-control in kids?
Mental focus: 
Our experienced instructors teach fun and engaging classes making it easier for children to focus and concentrate on the lessons.  Our system offers a variety of training methods so classes stay exciting and children continue learning.  Martial arts movements require students to control their body through both soft and hard exercises that focus on good posture and breathing.  As students practice this mental and physical focus in class, the habits will begin to show outside of the school.   Our program promotes good school grades and academic attendance through an extensive award program.  This helps children to see how to use what they learn in the martial arts school in their everyday life.

Why is Grandmaster Dong’s System good for overactive children and children with learning disabilities?
Mental focus: 
Our instructors have years of experience teaching children with learning disabilities.  In fact, many of our students are living with some form of ASD – autism spectrum disorder.  Our classes are fun and offer a variety of training methods and activity levels.  The instructors help kids get in the right state of mind and use three learning methods in class – visual, auditory, kinesthetic – to give children a combination of physical exercise and mental focus.

How does Grandmaster Dong’s System help make children less violent?
Mental focus: RESPECT
This is a concern that some parents have due to images shown in the movies and some of the techniques that the students learn. Students that have a tendency towards acting out will learn to control their emotions through classes that focus on discipline and respect, especially to classmates and parents.  As they learn more, meet new friends and succeed at some of their short-term goals, their self-image will improve.  A child with a good self-image will find less of a need to prove something.  They are also less likely to want to tear others down.

Why is Grandmaster Dong’s System a good choice when compared to other sports?  How does help children excel in other sports?
Mental focus: 
Martial arts allow students to practice at their own level while offering many of the benefits of a team or group.  However, in our school, no child is left on the sidelines.  Children that may not like group sports can often excel in the martial arts.  Many sports are based on win/lose, while our program encourages students to win against themselves.  Our goal is for students to Be Your Best, Nothing Less!
Many professional athletes cross train in martial arts.  Our system incorporates varying directions of movement using both the left and right sides along with a balance of upper and lower body exercises.  Our martial arts system will improve your child’s strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, reaction timing and hand-eye coordination.  Martial arts can be a lifetime activity.

When is the best time to begin studying Grandmaster Dong’s System?
How long do you recommend children train in martial arts?
Mental focus: 
You can begin our program anytime.  We offer nearly 20 beginner classes each week.  Unlike many team sports, martial arts is a year-round activity and can even be practiced for a lifetime.  Most parents see the benefits only after a couple months.  Studies have shown that children growing up in the martial arts are more confident, respectful, focused, healthy, hard working and optimistic.  Our program can also be incorporated into a complete training program to help children excel in all sports. The system promotes good school grades and academic attendance through an extensive award program.  This helps children to see how to use what they learn in the martial arts school in their everyday life.

Why is Grandmaster Dong’s System good for children being bullied?
Mental focus: 
Children who may be getting bullied will learn to portray confidence and strong posture, making them less likely to be in a position to defend themselves.  You may have even heard a saying in a movie “practice to fight so you do not have to.”  Our family-friendly atmosphere offers kids a refuge – safe place – to learn to embrace their differences, get some energy out and relieve stress.   They will also meet a lot of new friends.  As their skills increase, they will develop the ability to speak up for themselves and others as well as an even greater sense of the ability to defend oneself.  Our goal is for students to be kind and polite, but portray a sense of confidence and strength in their posture.

Why is Grandmaster Dong’s System good for children who bully others?
Mental focus: HUMILITY
Our program provides children with a healthy way to deal with stress and negative emotions.  Though they will learn kicking and punching, our system puts a larger emphasis on respect and courtesy.  As students learn new things, meet new friends, and achieve goals, their self-image will improve.  With this newfound growth, they will find less need to tear others down.  Anyone can tear down others, but it takes a special person to build others up.

Do you recommend Grandmaster Dong’s System for girls?
Mental focus: 
Nearly half of our students are girls and excel in our program.  Unlike many sports, this is an activity that can be done together – brothers, sisters, parents, young and old.  The martial arts will also give her tools and confidence to avoid potential attacks now and in the future.

How effective is Grandmaster Dong’s System in keeping children healthy?
Mental focus: DISCIPLINE
Our system offers complete training of the body using natural movements.  As they kick, punch, jump and roll, they will be learning an activity that develops lean muscle mass, bone density, flexibility and endurance.  We also emphasize healthy food intake.

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