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Grandmaster Dong's Martial Arts is Morehead Citys only full-time martial arts school.  Our team of instructors strive to provide a safe, fun, and family-oriented atmosphere.  The program espouses the traditional values of discipline and respect and combines these with practical, real-world training.  Our philosophy is simple: good thinking makes good actions; good actions make good habits; good habits make good character; good character makes good destiny.

Whether you are looking karate for kids, teens, adults or family, we have a program for you.  Our school offers morning and evening classes with a flexible schedule of more than 35 classes weekly.  Contact us today and discover how our programs can benefit you and your family or get started online now with a no-obligation trial for beginners that includes up to four 1-on-1 classes, a school uniform and more!

Kasey can't wait to get to Tae Kwon Do.  She's so enthusiastic about the school and about the instructors, Phillip and Shannon. The biggest thing I've noticed is how much more responsible she is with school attendance.  She doesn't want to miss a day, even when she might be tempted to 'play hooky.'  It's given her more self-discipline and motivation.

-- Lori O. (RN, Mother)

     Newport, NC

Kids Classes:  Our TaeGrr Cubs for the young kids or Children’s Program teaches self-discipline, respect for others - especially parents - and encourages academic achievement.  They will also benefit from increase flexibility, agility, speed, focus, balance and more.

Family Classes: Our special family classes are one of the few activities that adults and children can participate together in reaching their goals.  Parents will get all the benefits they would expect from an adult class while your children experience all the benefits of our Childrens Classes.

Adult Classes: Teens and adults will learn traditional Korean martial arts as Grandmaster Dong did growing up as a child in Korea.  You will fiind our teen/adult classes are fun, motivating and educational. You will experience increased flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, weight control, and learn to control stress. Our experienced instructors will be there to guide and challenge you through your journey.  

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Phillip and Shannon Henry are owners and master instructors of the Morehead City school which is one of more than 30 schools in the USA and Australia teaching Grandmaster Dong's system.  Phillip Henry is a master instructor in three styles of Korean Martial Arts, a certified personal trainer and a Youth Exercise Specialist.  Shannon is a master instructor and Early Childhood Education Specialist.  The Henry's have weekly, personal contact with Grandmaster Dong and passes this martial arts knowledge directly to his students to ensure the quality and authenticity of the program.

Get started now with our no-obligation Trial Beginner Program

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Grandmaster Dong's Martial Arts
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